Digital & µC

Setting up my station for the measuring network
n64stick&lang=enN64 Analog Replacement Stick
A new analog stick for better retro gaming
The remote-controlled bristle robot of the AATiS e.V.
ocxozeitbasis&lang=enOCXO Timebase
New time base module for Philips frequency counters using a quartz oven
klingelerweiterung&lang=enDoorbell extension
Module for connecting wireless doorbells to an existing system
1heclock&lang=en1U rackmount clock
Clock module with dimmable output for a 12V rack light
A remote control that turns off any TV
Detects RFID readers and analyzes the carrier frequency
iw18&lang=enTalking alarm clock 2
Featuring an IW-18 (IV-18) VFD tube
powerclock&lang=enTalking alarm clock 1
with a vacuum fluorescence display
fuchsjagdsendersteuerung&lang=enFox Oring transmitter control
ARDF transmitter controller using microcontroller and real time clock
akkumatik&lang=enAkkumatik (Kit)
Battery charge, discharge and diagnostic system
akkucap&lang=enBattery capacity meter
Measures the capacity of 12V batteries
Mini PIC Programmer for PIC16x84 and 24LCxx EEProms
MP3 Decoder
14mhz_3.3v&lang=enCrystal oscillator
14.7456MHz 3,3V crystal oscillator for the MP3 decoder project
faderstart&lang=enFader start/stop
Upgrade Kit for Home CD Player
Standalone temperature data logger with DS1615

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