aatisledmessage&lang=enLED Message
Programmable LED ticker (AATiS e.V. AS115)
module with 5x7 dot matrix and USB connection
flashlight&lang=enAVR Flashlight Controller
700mA constant current driver for flashlights with one lithium cell
nachtsicht&lang=enNight Vision Device
DIY Night Vision Device with IR Spotlight and CMOS Camera
ledscroller&lang=enLED Scroller
5x7 Dotmatrix LED display for a slightly different birthday card
grossanzeige&lang=enLarge LED Display
5x7 dot matrix multiplexing with Atmel microcontroller
vfd-microcontroller&lang=enVideo tape recorder VFD
...controlled by an Atmel microcontroller
lowpowerled&lang=enUltra Low Power LED
Flashlight using a 1.5V cell
dauerblitzer&lang=enEternal flasher
Low power circuit for eternal flashing
blitzer&lang=enLED flasher
with PNP and NPN transistor

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