N64 Analog Replacement Stick
A new analog stick for better retro gaming (Gamecube style Micro mod)

The solution

Micro from the Circuit Board had already developed a alternative PCB. In the thread "N64 Stick Converter PCB v2.2" are a lot of information about his project. There are kits with detailed instructions available for only 10 Euro. Sadly, there is only a small batch of kits for sale every few month. I couldn't wait for it...

Do it yourself

Luckily Micro published the firmware of the AVR microcontroller on his new board. It is well commented (I couldn't have done it better) and free for non commercial use. Here's the potentiometer he used on his design.

Until now, he did not publish his circuit board design, but you'll find the pinout in the comments of the source code. I opened my CAD program and created a schematic diagram - that shouldn't be a problem!

Picture: Schematic

Instead of the ATTiny24 microcontroller I used an ATTiny44. It has a similar pinout and is software compatible, but has a bit more FLASH memory for future upgrades. I also added a 10μF decoupling capacitor (C2). Everything else is implemented as in the original circuit.

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